Information about Petlandsskär Vind AB
regarding offshore wind power project of 240MW outside
Holmsund, Umeå Municipality, Sweden.


Petlandsskär Vind AB has worked about 10 years for the establishing of an offshore wind farm outside Holmsund, Umeå Municipality close to the islet Petlandsskär. The Project tentatively comprises of 30 wind turbines of 6MW each which provides a total installed power of 240 MW and with a calculated annual net production of 250 GWh.

The expansion of wind power generation keeps on growing in Sweden and the official targets are set high. More and more it is generally accepted that this kind of electricity generation is both viable and environmentally friendly. Furthermore it does not obstruct developments of other generation forms but is rather an excellent complement.

The company has got well underway in filing its application under the Swedish Environmental Act and expect to have all required documents filed during the autumn of 2013. Everything filed fulfill all legal requirements and the expectations are that a final approval for the project will be granted before the end of 2014. That means that construction phase could start second half of 2015.

Why wind power in this region

The Government has set a target of 10 TWh generated before 2015 and the Swedish Energy Agency is aiming for 30 TWh by 2020. According to various wind measurments for the region wind conditions are suffice for a viable establishment of wind power generation. The company has over a few years conducted its own wind measurement which confirms this.

Project description

Site and size
The wind farm is located offshore outside Holmsund, Umeå Municipality, between the islet Petlandsskär and Väktaren lighthouse.

The turbines are located in a group within an area of two times three kilometers (6 km2).

”Lease Agreement”

The Company has a concession over the area and the annual cost is nominal.


The ambition is to tentatively install 30 wind turbines of 6MW+ each.

The total installed power of the windfarm will be minimum 240MW and anticipated annual net production 417GWh.

Hub height will be about 100 m and the wing diameter up to 120 m.

The company has hitherto deliberately refrained from selecting one particular

turbine type and it is possible the individual turbine size could be increased which could lead to even better economics. The selection will eventually be based on the final siting plan and actual wind conditions The number of turbines is set to 30 though.

Grid connection

The grid connection has been decided in consultation with Ume Eneregi (local utility) to be made at new transformer station in Holmsund. This is the optimal solution considering the location of the wind farm.

Wind measurments

The company has conducted wind measurments on site over a few years which forms the base for thorough production calculations and farm layout. These calculation will be guiding in the choice of turbines.